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Prosthetics, lower jaw
Due to wide lower front teeth destruction (multiple filling over years) the reconstuction of either aestehetics or function by means of restorative methods was not possible. The teeth were sanded and porcelain crowns based on fine steel were used. The pictures present the situation after sanding and crowns restoration.

Prosthetics, upper jaw
Upper front teeth discoloured after antibiotic treatment (tetracyclines) and decayed. Porcelain crowns based on gold were used. Gold transparency makes the colour of the crowns warm. Gold has also antiseptic effects and ensures additional protection for the sanded teeth and gum pockets.

Restorative dentistry
Molar tooth in the lower jaw – a big cavity after previous filling loss and the same tooth after restoration with light-curing filling.

Front teeth abrasion in the lower jaw and broken incising edges before and after restoration with light-curing filling.

Wide tartar in the front teeth before and after ultrasonic scaling, before polishing.

Decayed second tooth after cleaning. Although the tooth should have been restored with a crown (prosthetics) due to lack of time (the patient’s departure) the tooth was reconstructed with light-curing filling.