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Prywatna praktyka stomatologiczna
ul. Prądnicka 42 31-202 Kraków

About us


- The surgery has been located here since autumn 2000.
- It is convenient for transport both by car as well as buses or trams.
- We offer a comfortable waiting room.
- The surgery is fully fitted with the state-of-the-art equipment which is compatible with EU regulations.
- The use of anaesthetic techniques of highest quality ensures painless treatment.
- The patient is fully informed about both current and planned treatment.
- For the curious ones we offer an intraoral camera which allows you to see your own teeth enlarged on screen. - All our works are under a year’s guarantee.


- Robert Haligowski D.M.D.
Graduated from the Mikolaj Kopernik Medical University in Krakow in 1991, 1st specialisation degree in General Dental Medicine.

In order to raise our professional qualifications we attend numerous specialist dental courses organised by both The Medical University and other institutions. We can offer the latest treatment methods and take full responsibility for our work.


The surgery is under constant control of the regional sanitary and epidemiological institution (Powiatowa Stacja Sanitarno – Epidemiologiczna).
We have certificates for the materials and equipment we use.
The equipment is disinfected in the newest products and sterilised in high temperature in an autoclave with a fractial vacuum.


The materials we use are among the top quality products available. We use materials from the top producers.
We do not economise on materials as they contribute to the quality and beauty of our works.


In our family practice the additional employment costs of assistant staff disappear and therefore the prices we offer are not too high. Neither are they underpriced by economising. We believe that quality is good value for money. For more information about specific prices please contact us.